President's Message -Takao Yamaguchi-

img_president_revisedOur office is located in the heart of Manhattan, Midtown West, only a few blocks away from Times Square. This area symbolizes the city that never sleeps and is filled fast-paced crowds. It exemplifies the beauty of New York City, a melting pot of people from across the globe.

Our company shares the characteristics of New York City. Our researchers, consultants and system engineers are from 12 different countries and are making a difference.

We support our clients to extend their ability to achieve the maximum results in their business. We combine our resources to generate innovative ideas and perspectives that lead to the creation of new processes and open new markets for our clients.

The large and steady U.S. market, along with the dynamic and multi-cultural Latin American markets possess unlimited potential for further development. We are very proud to contribute to our clients’ ability to develop and achieve further success in the Americas.

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