Research and Consulting Division

Manufacturing Group


  • Auto Manufacturing
  • OEM/Aftermarket Auto Parts
  • Intelligent Transportation Technology
  • Past Projects
  • Mexico market entry strategy for a major auto parts supplier
  • Due diligence for acquisition of a U.S. aftermarket parts manufacturer
  • Research on autonomous vehicle development methodologies
  • U.S. defense research applicable to automotive technology


  • Heavy Machinery
  • Mechanical Components
  • Process Optimization
  • Past Projects
  • Development of U.S. operation strategies and evaluation on a new factory site for a heavy machinery manufacturer
  • Development of a business expansion plan for a packaging equipment manufacturer
  • Business due diligence for a mechanical components manufacturer
  • Research on emerging technologies and applications for a heavy machinery manufacturer


  • Supply Chain and Transportation
  • Semiconductors and Electronics
  • Chemicals and Basic Materials
  • Past Projects
  • New business development (Finding new business opportunities in diverse industries)
  • Trend analysis of the U.S. market
  • Feasibility study for potential business items

ICT and Advanced Technologies Group

ICT & Media

  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive Technology
  • Broadcasting, Newspaper
  • Past Projects
  • Spectrum allocation and management policy analysis
  • Wireless acquisition due diligence
  • Entry opportunity assessment of the U.S. IoT market
  • Autonomous vehicle-related R&D trend analysis
  • Digital content streaming market analysis

Venture Capital

  • Seed, Early, and Late-stage Startups
  • Areas of Interest: Automotive, Security, Transportation, Finance, Energy, Advertising/Marketing
  • Past Projects
  • U.S. venture capital investment trend analysis
  • Startup investment opportunity analysis in the U.S.
  • U.S. entrepreneurship ecosystem analysis

Energy and Infrastructure Group


  • Smart Grid
  • Power Generation
  • Alternative Energy
  • Past Projects
  • Business due diligence for a smart meter manufacturer
  • Entry opportunity assessment in the Canadian microgrid market
  • Natural gas market liberalization policy development for the Japanese government

Urban Infrastructure

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Past Projects
  • Business model development for public-private-partnership (PPP) opportunities in the Latin American infrastructure market
  • Feasibility analysis for investment in a waste treatment plant
  • Research on new transportation system development in the U.S. and its implications for Asian manufacturers

Oil & Gas

  • Shale Gas Exploration and Production
  • Midstream
  • Distribution
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Past Projects
  • Strategy for launching an energy steel distribution business in the U.S. oil & gas market
  • Investment opportunity analysis in the U.S. oil & gas sector
  • Strategy for the entering electric motor and compressor market in the U.S. oil & gas market

Service and Healthcare Group


  • Medical Device
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Internet of Things
  • Past Projects
  • Pharmaceutical business entry assessment for a chemical company
  • M&A support for a pharmaceutical/biotech company
  • Benchmark study of big data use in health care
  • Assessment of market potential for remote-monitoring technologies in the pharmaceutical industry


  • Health & Life Insurance
  • P&C Insurance
  • Specialty Insurance
  • Past Projects
  • Market research of biometric monitoring in the health insurance industry
  • Benchmark study of usage-based insurance
  • In-depth research about multichannel insurance customer relationship engagement


  • Retail
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Payments
  • Education
  • Past Projects
  • Omni-channel strategies of major department stores and general merchandise stores
  • Study of U.S. retailers & CPG manufacturers' private label strategies
  • Research on advanced payment HW/SW technologies and their applications in the U.S.
  • Research on the use of e-Learning platforms in the U.S.

Business Strategy Group

M&A Advisory Services

  • Target Company Search
  • M&A Strategy Development
  • Business/Financial Due Diligence
  • Past Projects
  • U.S. aerospace M&A target research
  • U.S. food industry M&A transaction support
  • U.S. auto parts industry M&A transaction support
  • U.S. military M&A transaction support

Foreign Investment

  • Project Finance
  • Infrastructure Evaluation
  • Market Entrance Strategy
  • Past Projects
  • Mexican market entrance strategy for Japanese auto parts companies
  • Mexican market entrance strategy for a Japanese FA company
  • Port development feasibility study
  • U.S. consumer brand feasibility study

Financial Industry

  • Banking Services
  • Consumer Finance
  • Digital Financial Services
  • Past Projects
  • U.S. bank marketing strategy analysis
  • U.S./European credit card companies' business strategy analysis
  • U.S. customer service analysis for a Japanese securities company
  • Latin American financial market research

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