Research and Consulting Division Analysts

  • Sanghoon Han
  • Head of the Research and Consulting Division/Senior Vice President
  • Sanghoon Han heads the Research and Consulting Division at NRI America. He is responsible for all business activities relating to research and consulting projects implemented by NRI America, as well as the development of new businesses in North and South America, with the goal of leveraging and maximizing the company's knowledge, networks with local experts and clients, and powerful human resources. Before joining NRI America in 2008, he worked at NRI Tokyo HQ and the NRI Seoul office as a business consultant specializing in the automotive and ICT industries.
  • Ray Park
  • Head of the Business Strategy Group/Senior Manager
  • At NRI America, Ray Park supports clients to grow in both organic and inorganic ways by formulating business strategies for them. For inorganic growth, we support our clients through all phases of M&A transactions – from screening of target companies to tailoring a unique combination of strategic, financial and transactional advisory services. His Business Strategy Group focuses on middle market deals and has access to the industrial expertise of NRI throughout the world. Our team operates across major industries such as automotive, aerospace, infrastructure, energy, and food & beverage, and provides cutting-edge insights to our clients.
  • Diego Oyharbide
  • Senior Consultant, Energy and Infrastructure Group
  • As a senior consultant at NRI America, Diego Oyharbide supports clients in the chemical, energy and infrastructure sectors to develop solutions that establish near- and long-term strategies and strategic goals. By working closely with internal and external team members and management, We identifies organic and inorganic growth opportunities ranging from leveraging, consolidating and scaling existing markets to mergers and acquisitions, alliances and licensing. He provides a deep understanding of the client’s sector landscape in the context of global, economic, social and technological trends. Project activities include operational models transformations, performance improvement, innovation strategies, competitive intelligence, commercial and financial due diligence, and target identification for clients in North America and throughout the world.
  • Daisuke Nogiwa
  • Senior Consultant, Manufacturing Industry Group
  • NRI is a global leader in consulting for the manufacturing sector, including automotive, heavy industry and materials. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions, best practices, and actionable results. NRI’s specialized knowledge is unrivaled in the industry and allows our consultants to navigate clients through their challenges. Our track record includes key strategic projects with Fortune 500 companies as well as local market leaders. By leveraging our firm’s unique position in Asia, we facilitate globalized operations around the world.

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